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2014 Call for Papers Open

The PhD colloquium is a one-day event devoted to students working on foundations, techniques, tools, and applications of the system dynamics that includes oral presentations and a poster session. The main objective of the colloquium is to create an environment where the students can benefit from the experiences, discussion, and feedback provided by senior modelers, researchers, practitioners and other students in the field. This event will be held on the Sunday before the 32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society on July 20, 2014.

We warmly invite graduate and undergraduate students to submit their outstanding work, which can be in the proposal stage, the middle stages of development, or nearly completed/completed, to share their work the colloquium. Questions and information about this year’s colloquium are attached.

Feel free to contact Jill Kuhlberg and Sibel Eker at phdcolloquium<at>systemdynamics<dot>org with any questions about your submissions, registration, attendance, or any other colloquium related issue.

We look forward to your submissions and seeing you Delft! Sincerely,

  • Jill Kuhlberg – Washington University in St. Louis
  • Sibel Eker – Delft University of Technology

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2014 Colloquium Call for Papers (pdf)
2014 Colloquium Call for Papers (doc)

You might also like to register for the System Dynamics Summer School July 16-18 2014, Delft.


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