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Useful Links

System Dynamics Society

International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

System Dynamics Review
An international journal specialized in system dynamics and its applications.

Where can I study system dynamics – worldwide?

Where can system dynamics get me a job?

Are you a graduate student without an SD supervisor?
There are a number of great resources that can help you orientate yourself to the word of System Dynamics if you don’t have a supervisor who is an expert in SD.

  • come to the PhD Colloquium and ISDC in July each year and present your work or listen to others
  • the Creative Learning Exchange hosts a program developed at MIT called Road Maps. It is free, and a great way to orientate yourself to SD concepts
  • WPI host an online degree, certificate and courses in SD. called Foundations of System Dynamics is a great starting place. These courses cost money, but PhD students are encouraged to get their tuition paid by the home institution, with possible additional financial support coming from the Society’s ‘System Dynamics Development Fund’

Get reading!
At the 2012 Colloquium, John Richardson gave some great feedback to one of the sessions. In it, he recommended a number of great readings, particularly around the application of SD to natural systems.